Conava 2 in 1 Egg Slice


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Package Included: 1 x Egg Slicer Material: Plastic Color: Green will be send as per availability.

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2 in stock

This handy egg slicer cuts egg slices in your house or while travelling. High-quality Contains wires that easily slice boiled eggs Just put the egg on the slicer and snap the flipper. You have several slices of eggs in a moment Cut eggs into slices and / or segments for sandwiches and salads. here is a tool which can also pierce eggs. Notice: When cutting eggs, you must have A certain speed to make sure that incision formation, egg piece uniform. This is very handy & easy to use to make delicious eggs slice in your house or while you are traveling. It can be folded easily to fit your Bag. Sleek and stylish international design sets it apart from any competition. Convenient mid-size design with high quality wires. This slicer give very beauty and attractive shape to eggs slice for serve to your guest or family member. This is very helpful to make decor to your dish for impression

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