Conava Hair Dryer 2000 Watt with Hot and Cold Air


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2 DRYING HEADS: For silky hair, dry in sections with nozzle attachments that allow you to aim the heat exactly where it’s needed! Allows for perfect precision and control air trajectory.

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2 in stock

Even Blowing Of Hair The Durable Hair Dryer Uses Keratin Coated Technology While Drying Your Hair. It Ensures Uniform Distribution Of Air On Your Locks. It Maintains The Temperature And Prevents Hair Damage. The Ultimate Protection With Balanced Heating Makes It Perfect To Fit In Your Makeup Vanity. Gives Shiny Hair 2800 Hair Dryer Provides You Shiny And Lustrous Hair Within Minutes. The Warm Blowing Air Maintains The Sheen Of Your Locks Without Damaging Them. The Quick Heating Hair Dryer Is Easy To Use; You Can Adjust The Temperature According To Your Need And Style. For A Quirky Hairstyle, One Should Use High Temperature While For Simply Puffed Hair; One Should Use Mild Blowing Air Fan Speed. Easy Grip The Convenient Hair Dryer Is Designed With Accuracy And Precision To Ease The Usage Of The Appliance For The User. 2800 Hair Dryer Is Designed by Keeping the User’s Need and Choice in Mind. The Comfortable Hair Dryer Offers A Firm Gripping And Prevents Slipping From Hands. Fast Speed Fan 2800 Hair Dryer Is Integrated With A Fast Spinning Fan. The Fast Fan Speed Aids in Quick Drying Of Your Hair. The Lightweight Dryer Prevents the Tangling Of Locks Making Them Wavy, Straight Or Fuller As You Want. Adjustable Speed 2800 Hair Dryer Is An Ideal Dryer For You As It Comes With Adjustable Speed.

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